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Winter Run, Batch 3

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Wolves Whiskey Winter Run, Batch 3 is an American Whiskey that is incredibly special and a necessary addition to anyone’s collection. Unlike previous Signature Blend releases, Winter Run, Batch 3 contains a whiskey distilled from a Pilsner in used French Oak. This change has resulted in a more nuanced, softer approach on the palate.
  • Blend of rye and hop flavored whiskey:
  • 2017 Pilsner in French Oak
  • 2015 Pilsner in American Oak (Char 3)
  • 2013 Stout in French Oak
  • 2015 Rye Whiskey
  • Barrels:
  • American Oak
  • used French-Oak
  • American Oak (Char 3) heads
Winter Run, Batch 3 is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. Bottled in French cut glass, wrapped in Grey Nubuck, and handwritten in Los Angeles.
  • Nose: cinnamon apples, honey, orange, black cherry, dark chocolate.
  • Palate: hops, molasses, baking spices, citrus, milk chocolate
  • Finish: medium-warm body, rising spice, stone fruit