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Wolves Signature Blend

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Releasing for the first time into select retail markets, this variation of Wolves signature blend is heavier on the 7 and 6 year-old Rye whiskeys. The beer distillates in this release include whiskey distilled from Stout beer, aged in used French Oak for 9 years, and whiskey distilled from a California Pale Ale, aged in used French Oak for 7 years. The blend exudes all of the vanilla, hops, milk chocolate, and citrus that the signature blend is known for. 990 9-liter cases were yielded in this run, a portion of which will be released here to the Allocation List in October.


Nose - Honeysuckle, citrus, hops, milk chocolate, black cherry, warm vanilla.


Tasting Notes - Tangerine, dark chocolate, hops, oak, citrus, nutmeg.


Finish - Long and warm on the front pallet, rising spice on the finish